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With care, innovation and performance as our guiding principles, we aspire to be a world-class ship management company. Safety and quality standards drive everything we do. Our fleet works around the clock for our clients. We manage and operate our vessels worldwide in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. The well-being, competence and constant training of our employees and seafarers is of utmost importance to our company. Strong teamwork is the heart of our company. Loyalty to our employees, customers and business partners is of paramount importance to us. Through our technical, operational and commercial excellence we can consistently be relied upon to deliver. Simply put, we are always taking care of our customers.


Unibros Shipping was established in 1991 and to this day remains a private and independent company. We respect our environment and follow strict measures to not cause it any harm. Unibros’ slow and gradual growth has helped it become the committed tanker operational leader that it is today. The company has established business with oil majors, oil trading companies and governments around the world. We continue to engage in new business partnerships with our customers’ ever-changing needs always at the forefront.


The group is made up of separate but affiliated companies that are active in the trading of refined and specialized products such as bitumen LPG and Bunkering. To support its business, the group has invested in specialized vessels and in assets of the operating region investing directly into areas that are complementary to core shipping and trading activities. Through a network of companies with bitumen storage in the Canary Islands, gas filling stations in Cameroon and terminals of bulk petroleum product tanks in Nigeria, the group has created a large network that requires a considerable vessel carrying capacity.


Combining fresh energy with over 30 years of shipping experience

Unibros ensures high quality performance and a service you can trust. Unibros helps deliver goods, to people around the world, enriching their lives. We do this by safely managing a world class fleet of ships, providing the highest levels of service to our principals and clients.



The African hub of Unibros Shipping is located in the business and economic heart of the continent with offices in the thriving Nigerian cities of Lagos and Abuja. Unibros is active in all aspects of the Nigerian energy market. The company is a trading partner of the NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Company) and its shipping arm, NIDAS. Unibros is also involved in bunkering and other offshore services. From our headquarters in Nigeria we also offer both a wide range of marine fuels (predominantly marine diesel oil and fuel oil) and marine lube oils.


We support the people in the communities around us. The Unibros approach to sustainability benefits the environment, our external collaborators and the societies in which we operate. We are committed to providing a healthy, safe and fair working environment for our employees, and to investing in their personal development and professional advancement. Our day-to-day business practices focus on constantly improving our top-line results while creating cost efficiencies to safeguard the future of the company. Unibros complies with all national and international rules and regulations for the protection of the environment.


The experienced team based in our offices in Greece and Nigeria market the managed vessels, identify and assess employment opportunities, and negotiate and conclude fixtures. Decision-making is supported by leading-edge business intelligence systems. Our team is responsible for supporting and monitoring the officers and crew onboard to execute all voyages safely and efficiently.


More than 600 seafarers – who come from Greece, India, Nigeria & Philippines – are employed on the vessels managed by Unibros, and at any given time over 300 seamen are sailing on the managed vessels. We have an Officers & Ratings retention rate of more than 75% at a fleet level which is constantly and steadily improving year after year. Our marine personnel team and the crewing agencies with which we cooperate are constantly recruiting talented seafarers to ensure that all vessels under management are adequately manned according to regulations and the operations of each vessel. A rigorous familiarization process of our company’s safety manual and procedures is firmly in place. We invest heavily in the constant training and improvement of the skills and qualifications of all our personnel.


A dedicated team of experienced, qualified marine superintendents oversees the managed vessels to ensure compliance with all national and international policies and regulations related to Health, Safety, Security, Quality, Energy and Environmental protection. In addition, Oil Major requirements and Industry best practices are not only complied with but exceeded, thus guaranteeing vessel commercial eligibility and continuous streamlined, optimized and safe operation. Unibros has established an advanced safety, quality, and environmental management system which is implemented onboard and ashore. Major emphasis is given to a thorough and continuous familiarization and training of all personnel. Unibros is accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certification and working towards ISO 45001. All applicable vessels have CAP certification for Hull, Cargo and Machinery which indicates that maintenance standards achieved are of the highest order.


Experienced and qualified superintendent engineers work around the clock to ensure that each vessel’s hull, machinery and equipment is properly monitored and maintained. The maintenance standards of Unibros fully comply with – and at times exceed – the requirements of the classification societies, the laws of the country of registry of the vessel and of the countries where she trades, and the industry regulations.

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In everything we do, we are guided by our core values: honesty, loyalty, hard work and enthusiasm for new ideas and enterprise. These values provide employees with a supportive working environment and help shape careers that are both meaningful and fulfilling. If you think you share our values and commitment, Unibros may have a place for you within its team. Unibros offers various shore-based maritime jobs employing over 80 individuals. The company currently employees more than 300 highly skilled, experienced and competent seafarers onboard and has over 600 seamen in its pool. Our human resources department focuses on the fair and just treatment of our employees and crew, providing everyone with equal opportunities for professional development and career advancement. We constantly monitor Key Performance Indicators on employee work conditions, including Lost-Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) at sea.


Unibros has developed a longtime strategic relationship with the Nigerian Maritime Administrative and Safety Agency (NIMASA) and participates in its Nigerian Seafarers Development program (NSDP) by promoting and employing Nigerian cadets – including the first female cadet officers ever to serve onboard. Unibros’ extensive Seafarers’ Training and Employment program has offered job opportunities to more than 2,000 Nigerian seafarers since its inception in 2005, creating a pool of more than 400 Nigerian crew members, and employing around 200 Nigerian crew at any given point in time. In every area of operation, we strive to respect local communities and contribute to their development. Unibros works closely with local businesses, such as suppliers and port agents, applying strict transparency and a code of ethics. Our focus on creating long-term win-win relationships helps local partners grow hand-in-hand with Unibros.